Audio Equipment repair


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Product Description

“Stereo repair near me” is a frequently searched for service in the field of audio repair. This is not surprising – true music lover’s care a lot about their audio equipment. However, good equipment is usually very expensive but isn’t very expensive to maintain, a lot of people, when faced with a broken hardware situation, do not tend to just get rid of it and by a new one. This is where FAST&FIX offers a more affordable alternative for your audio repair.

Audio repair consists of these sections (offers following solutions):

  1. Subwoofer and speakers audio repairs

We fix active subwoofers and speakers. Here is a list of main defects and what causes them:

  • The subwoofer turned on, there is no sound in the speakers and a hum frequency is of about 50 Hz (may be caused by power amplifier chips being out of service, capacitor of high-capacity being dry etc.)
  • The subwoofer turned on, there is no sound, the speakers are silent (may be caused by booster being for some reason protected, electronic switch chip inputs have failed, electronic volume control being out of service, problems in chains of power etc.)
  • The subwoofer does not turn on. (may be caused by power supply problems, open thermal fuse, control unit may have lost the firmware etc.)
  1. Magnetic tape recorder audio repair

Especially for old-school-devices aficionados, among other hi-quality services, we also offer tape recorder repairs. Here is a list of main problems:

  • reader laser failure
  • cleaning of reading head required
  • damage to transistors
  • disruption of power supply
  • internal mechanisms of deformation under the influence of environmental factors
  • the incorrectness of the rules of operation
  • defective cassette deck
  1. Turntable repair, recorders players
  2. Booster or receiver repair

We also fix almost every booster or receiver problems in your audio equipment. Damage of booster/receiver deactivates the entire sound complex. It is nearly impossible to independently repair sound equipment because it’s really challenging to try to identify reasons of breakage without the help of a specialist.

We charge an online postage and administration fee, which is also payable via telephone; to discuss your items diagnostics or to obtain a quotation, please give us a call.