DJ Equipment repair


Product Description

Our service center FAST&FIX also fixes DJ equipment repair of any sound and lighting equipment for show business, clubs, restaurants, concert halls etc. We work with brands: Akai, Allen & Heath, Audio-Technica, Denon, Pioneer, Casio, JBL, Dali, Lexicon and others.

Our DJ equipment service and repair FAST&FIX do these services:

  • The diagnosis of DJ equipment.
  • Repair of lighting equipment: dynamic light devices – driving head Spot & Wash, projectors casting, theater projectors, lighting effects, disco equipment, strobe, DMAC controls, dimming blocks, architectural lighting, mirror balls.
  • Repair acoustics, sound equipment: acoustic systems and subwoofers, karaoke systems (with base karaoke updating), power amplifiers of DJ equipment, controllers, turntables, CD players, CDs, music centers, mixing consoles, sound processing equipment, speakers, radios, microphones , headphones, studio equipment, sound carriers.
  • Repair of equipment for special effects: smoke generators, wind generators, fire generators, generators bubbles, fog generators, foam generators, confetti machines.
  • Repair of projection equipment: projectors, screens, replacement lamps in the Panasonic projectors, the OPTOMA, manufacturing of screens on the eyelets.
  • Repair of laser show equipment: lasers of all types, configuration software, the replacement of laser emitters.
  • Repair of musical instruments: keyboard electronic instruments, combos for guitars, keyboards and combos for acoustic instruments.
  • Installation of sound and lighting equipment, equipment for special effects, of DJ equipment, projection equipment, switching the sound, light, and change any faulty equipment.

We charge an online postage and administration fee, which is also payable via telephone; to discuss your items diagnostics or to obtain a quotation, please give us a call.

Why you should choose repair DJ equipment in FAST&FIX?

  1. We give warranties for our work;
  2. We do only high quality repair;
  3. We are placed in Manchester;

FAST&FIX experts are qualified professionals with extensive practical experience and constant training. Workplaces are equipped with technological and diagnostic equipment, there is a technical documentation, in carrying out repairs using original spare parts, which allows us to do high-quality repairs and maintenance of equipment in the shortest possible time. We are interested in doing only the best repairs for your devices or equipment!