Game consoles repair


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Product Description

Video game consoles became something irreplaceable for all game lovers. It doesn’t require a lot of space and spending extra money. But what to do when all of a sudden your favorite device brakes down? The only right answer is to visit FAST&FIX console repair Manchester shop. While we are mainly specialising in all types of consoles repair, we also fix other models.

We provide the repair service for all of the problems below:

  1. No Display:

Graphics / display chip repair of any audit; three red lights of death RROD (error 0102, 0020, 0022, 0110, 0031, 0002, 0003); one red light of death (E74 error, E73, E71, E79, E68, 0110, 0101, 0100, 0031, 0002, 0003); artifacts, ripple, vertical stripes, image noise; no video image from the HDMI connector; console is overheating and noise.

  1. No power Issue:

Console does not respond to pressing the power button.

  1. Doesn’t Read the Disc:

problems with the file system; update errors; joystick repair etc.

We repair all types of consoles with this issue by replacing the laser of the console.

  1. Disk drive doesn’t take the disk or doesn’t eject.

The mechanism of the disk drive broke and disk tray doesn’t work, we repair this issue by repairing or replacing the parts or the full drive of the console.

  1. Damaged HDMI Port:

HDMI port physically damaged by using or by dropping the console whilst plugged in, we resolve this issue by replacing a new HDMI port.

  1. USB Port Replacement:

if your console USB ports are broken or not reading we fix this issue by replacing the USB ports.

  1. Physically damaged or Dropped the console.

If the console dropped and damaged the body of the console we can replace the body of the console and bring it back to life.

  1. Retro console repair

If you an old-school equipment appreciator, we can also do console repair for one of these models – Sega master system, Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES, Famicom, Dendy), Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Gameboy, Nintendo Gameboy Advance, 3DO Interactive Multiplayer and even more.

We also do Wii / Wii U console repair.

  1. Software problems

Very often they are manifested in the fact that devices refuse to read disks or memory cards. If that is the case, red or yellow lights error on the game console would normally light up to flag up an issue. Our game console repair specialists will happily fix any software

  1. Liquid Damaged:

If you have spilt any liquid on your console, immediately bring it for repair. at Fast & Fix we can repair all kind of liquid damaged consoles.

We repair address all above-mentioned issue and any other troubles with your gaming console. We will meet your needs and expectations and bring your entertainment back to the ideal state.

We charge an online postage and administration fee, which is also payable via telephone; to discuss your items diagnostics or to obtain a quotation, please give us a call.