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Product Description

Hard drive data recovery

The Most critical and stressful situation when you lost the data from your Hard drive, like documents, Pictures, Music and Video, Hard drive – is like a heart of your computer or laptop. And if it breaks, your machine stops working the one thing you are welcome to get our expert services for hard drive date recover. Our repair shop provides you with these services in SSD data recovery:

  • Diagnosis of the hard disk
  • Hard disc data recovery
  • Recovery of deleted pictures, music, videos and documents
  • Repair or replacement of the internal hard disk connector
  • External hard drive data recovery
  • Replacement the connector of external hard drive
  • HDD is not recognised by the BIOS or gives a wrong description in the memory
  • Other hard drive data recovery service didn’t handle the problem or worsen it.

Our hard drive recovery service will fix any of these problems, so you will be able to enjoy your computer or laptop even longer.

  1. SSD problems

SSD (or Solid State Disk) is a great alternative to HDD. It’s faster, quieter and has lower power use.

The main problem is the fact, that SSD doesn’t allow to recover the lost information, and the cost of SSD is pretty high. Other problems are:

  • Logical errors (formatted, erased the necessary information, errors in the boot sectors);
  • Electrical malfunctions and damage (the jump in power, incorrect connection to the power supply);
  • Mechanical damage to the parts and components (motherboard is broken, damaged connector);
  • Controller failure (burned or damaged in any other way).

Our professional data recovery specialists will do everything to prolong the life of your SDD! But you should remember, that our data recovery specialist can fix SSD-drives with damage control firmware or disturbances in the power supply circuit device only.

  1. External memory problems

Flash card became almost irreplaceable these days. The price for them is pretty low. We use it when we need to share information, print photos or give an access to work files to colleagues. So it is really sad when we find out that our favourite flash card broken down almost for no reason. But there are actually a lot of reasons, why it can be damaged. Our data recovery expert can help you figure out what was the main reason of the break among these ones:

  • Mechanical damage for example wetting, electrostatic discharge, overheating, loosening of parts;
  • Electrical and thermal damage;
  • Logical damage;
  • Damage to the controller etc.

We charge an online postage and administration fee, which is also payable via telephone; to discuss your items diagnostics or to obtain a quotation, please give us a call.

We work with these brands: Hitachi, Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, Samsung, Fujitsu, 3Q, A-Data, Asus, LaCie,Silicon Power, Transcend, Verbatim, Western Digital etc.

If you still hesitate we need to mention, that we do cheapest data recovery, without compromises the quality, on speed and perfect results.