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Computer and laptop repair

Nowadays we can’t imagine our lives without having some of the modern devices by our side, and it’s is truly terrifying, when something goes wrong and there comes a need for a computer or laptop repair. But you shouldn’t worry because there are FAST&FIX – PC and laptop repair shop in Manchester that offers these services:

1. Computer repair service that includes:

• antiviral prophylaxis;
• repair of video cards, motherboard, power supplies;
• cleaning the computer of dust (one of the most popular computer repair services);
• replacement of laptop matrix, keyboard;
• power supplies and monitor repair;
• remote computer repair service;
• cleaning the system from viruses;
• installing different official recognised versions of Windows or Linux OS and any other software etc.

2. Laptop repair service that includes

• antiviral prophylaxis;
• general diagnostics;
• recovery of laptop components, like micro-switches, loop, motherboard power supply circuit etc.;
• replacement of DVD-drive, HDD, USB-connector, keyboard, motherboard etc;
• configuration and installation of the official recognised versions of Windows or Linux OS;
• cleaning the cooling system of the laptop.
Our laptop and computer repair shop repair your device only with the best quality. Our specialists have at least 3 years of experience in PC laptop repair service.
The most common problems among computer repair services offered
You need to have a consultation in our PC repair shop if your computer does not turn on, spontaneously reboots, not responding, lags or shuts down, the operating system doesn’t download or you cannot install the OS.
Those are the main attributes that you need to have remote computer repair service.
The reasons for computer breakage can refer to both: hardware and software problems, like these ones:
• swollen capacitors;
• defective expansion of card motherboard;
• short circuit on the computer motherboard;
• failed BIOS;
• damaged file system;
• damaged hard drive or SSD drive;
• damaged or defective RAM chips of a chip;
• viruses;
• out-dated or missing drivers installed;
• the lack of free disk space;
• the lack of RAM;
• the defect of a chipset.
The most common problems among computer repair services offered
If you have some troubles with your laptop and need to address them to laptop repair Manchester shop. Remember if you have some of these problems: the laptop does not turn on, turns off spontaneously, the capacity of battery is reduced, black screen, the liquid (water, tea, and other drinks) got into the laptop, no sound, connectors are out of order – Do not try to solve them by yourself, otherwise you can make it even worse! It especially appeals to situations when you have spilt the liquid to your laptop or near it and decided that the best solution – is to air it with a blow dryer. Do not do this! It will not only increase the ended price for repair you eventually need to spend but even be the reason of full breakdown. You should better bring your computer to our laptop repair specialist and get it repaired.
The reasons of laptop break can also refer to both: hardware and software problems. They differ not much from previous ones.
The advantages of ordering laptop repair services on our website are that we offer a low computer and laptop repair prices.
Our main features on the market are exceptional performance and efficiency, special approach, high-quality professional technical diagnostics, a lot of required components, or the ability to quickly order them, warranties, extensive testing of computers and laptops, lower cost of services and the fact that we offer only high-quality services.
We serve these brands: HP, Asus, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, eMachines, Apple, Packard Bell, Compaq, Fujitsu, MSI, Fujitsu Siemens, LG, Sony VAIO, Gateway, DNS etc. for laptop repair Manchester.
And these brands: Asus, Cooler Master, Golden Field, AeroCool, Gigabyte, Zalman, Elite, HP, Aresze, GoldenField, MSI, Impression, Acer, XIGMATEK as PC repair shop.
We charge an online postage and administration fee, which is also payable via telephone; to discuss your items diagnostics or to obtain a quotation, please give us a call.