Our Team

FAST&FIX is a widely known and respected brand in the mobile phone and gadget repair industry.

What we do is an essential part of the high-tech oriented society where communication is key. Communication in the 21st Century style begins with an array of personal digital devices functioning efficiently. The key is functioning – what happens when they break? In an age when warranties wear out faster than the mobile phones they supposedly protect, and electronic gadgets of every description has become omnipresent and just about everybody has a mobile office, a mobile jukebox, or a movie theatre – these phones are smart, and still, if they break, WE CAN FIX IT.

FAST&FIX Ltd. – an independent service organization dedicated to the on-premises repair of mobile phones, iPods, and electronic devices. Our conveniently located retail outlets offer “while-you-wait” service and speedy on-site repairs for every Smartphone conceived. Once upon a time, broken mobile phones were dismissed cursorily as ”throw-away” gadgets – cheap to buy and cheap to replace. Those days are gone, as the newest models are more complex, more pricey, and have taken functionality to brave new levels barely conceived of just a few years ago.

Because these gadgets are less disposable – savvy consumers are more likely to have damaged units repaired. While the “mail-in and wait” method used to be how the repair was done … now there’s a better way … the FAST&FIX Ltd. way! From water damage to cracked or shattered LCDs, FAST&FIX Ltd. owns in-house service technicians have the capability to fully restore any salvageable damaged electronic devices on the spot, typically within an hour. FAST&FIX is a leader in the industry. Call us now on 07518488125



Picture of Jeff Lopez
CEO & Founder

Jeff Lopez

I was always tech savvy and being from an electronic engineering background, I wanted to experience the best in electronics, be it a phone or my PC. One day many years ago, I had to immediately rush to repair.

Picture of Stephanie Adams

Stephanie Adams

CTO is one of the most coveted, and least understood, jobs in a company. I am very hardworking person and I dedicate a lot of time for my workers. With my best team we make our customers happy and proud.

Picture of Rebecca Garza
Repair Woman

Rebecca Garza

I am a sort of a geek. I studied at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences where I got my two degrees. I started to work at RepairPress because I was theirs satisfied costumer. I still am when I drop my phone.

Picture of Bryan Lewis
Repair Man

Bryan Lewis

I wanted to experience the best in electronics, be it a phone or my PC. One day many years ago, I had to immediately rush to repair. With my engineer degree I fix anything from mobile phones to biggest TV screens.