iMac, Macbook repair


Product Description

Apple Mobiles, iPads Laptops and iMac, All in One computer repair

Apple is known for being one of the most reliable equipment producers in the world. We are confident that buying an Apple product gives us assurances in high quality and long life of the device, however, sometimes your phone or laptop does get out of order and repair is inevitable. In this case, the best solution is to visit FAST&FIX and we will resolve your issues with your Apple devices.

Apple Devices repair services offered by our computer technicians:

  1. Dust Removal

service includes an over all computer cleaning – not only from outside but also on the inside components, which helps the computer to run smoothly and stops overheating while being used.

  1. Operating System / Software Installation

install/reinstall, upgrade of operating systems, as well as all necessary drivers.

  1. Hard Drive and Solid State Drive (SSD) replacement with new operating system/software replacement, installation and recovery of all types of media in any laptop model
  2. Charging Port Replacement

Replacement of a charging port with a new charging connector for Apple Magsafe of any generation.

It should be pointed out, that repair of any Mac family devices is not a simple and full of responsibility task. It should only be carried out by specialists and qualified technicians. MacBook repair should only be done after a thorough diagnosis, which is performed using special radio-electronic and computer equipment. Only by carrying out this type of a detailed analysis we can identify with certainty the cause of the malfunction and ways of eliminating it. We fix Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Retina iMac, and all in one computer.

Repair my Macbook” is one of the most frequently requested services. Following our most common issues with Apple laptops and all in one computer and repair:

  • part of the keyboard / some keys that don’t work
  • broken screen
  • device shuts down after 15 minutes
  • no display or distorted display
  • digitizer replacement
  • MacBook or iMac freeze
  • a system fails to load
  • fan making noise
  • “There is not enough free space”
  • keyboard needs replacing
  • battery doesn’t hold charge or needs replacing
  • folders with the question mark
  • touchpad doesn’t work
  • stripes on the screen
  • MacBook or iMac does not turn on
  • Hard Drive or Solid State Drive (SSD) needs replacement etc.

Why should you choose us?

Our highly qualified technicians help according to the customer needs by offering high speed, professional and affordable services. We also provide our iPhone. iPod, iPad, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and iMac repairs with quality guarantees for the work done and parts that have been replaced by FAST&FIX. We are experienced, friendly and reliable.

We charge an online postage and administration fee, which is also payable via telephone; to discuss your items diagnostics or to obtain a quotation, please give us a call.